Leadership Strategies to Meet Evolving College Needs

Over the last 7 years the College’s needs in technology and library support have increased dramatically. Library and Technology Services, as a merged organization, has itself evolved, requiring support in new areas, greater levels of partnership, and deeper levels of specialty. While our staffing levels have decreased by more than 25% over this period of time, we have become more nimble, improved service expectations, and increased the portfolio of services offered through thoughtful and bold organizational changes.

In this presentation, the CIO and an Associate CIO will discuss the range of leadership strategies we have employed to improve LTS’s strength and value to the College including the creation of new leadership positions, a set of underlying strategic priorities, the expectation of working managers and flexible/agile staff, key campus partnerships, and communication strategies for connecting our staff and their work to College leadership goals and conversations.

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Heather Woods, Ravi Ravishanker

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